Grading Scale

10: We do not believe this is a practical grade, the highest a box will grade is a 9.5

8 - 9: The box is in the same fresh condition that it was in when originally shipped from the distributor. Flaws may include minor wear. Overall, the item is in excellent condition.

6 - 7: The box has minor shelf wear, minor creasing, or slight imperfections to the plastic window. Overall, in great condition but is in less than perfect condition.

4 - 5: The box has more prevalent shelf wear, moderate creasing, or imperfections to the plastic window. Overall, the value of this item is decreased in this condition.

2 - 3: The box has signs of significant wear and may show heavier creasing, more severe plastic window damage, a box/sticker tear, etc. This level of wear is usually unacceptable for a collector who maintains his or her collection in the original packaging.

NG - 1: The box shows heavy wear and may have tears, creasing, or other severe damage. Generally, we would only recommend this condition to someone who does not care about the box or wants to open it and keep as an out of the box collectible.

We are using stock photos for most of our Funko POP! listings. If you would like a photo of the actual POP we have in stock, feel free message us on Facebook or Instagram. 

**We do not downgrade box condition for the following: stickers applied by retailers, rounded vs straight folded seams, and paint blemishes on the item itself from the manufacture.

**There is always an opinion involved when it comes to grading the condition of items. The condition grade we give on any particular item is our opinion, no more and no less. Please understand that this isn't an exact science but we do the best we can to be consistent when it comes to condition grades.