Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have an issue with an item I purchased?

Please contact us within 14 days of receiving your merchandise to let us know what the issue is; we will work together on case by case basis to find a solution for any issues that you may have.

Have the games been tested?

Yes, all our games are tested before selling.

Are the games used or new?

Most of our games are used and come in through trade ins. However, occasionally you may receive one that is sealed/new. Or the description of the game indicates as new.

Have they been cleaned?

Yes, all our games are cleaned and tested.

Can I return a game if I do not like it?

We do not accept returns on games if you "don't like it". 

What happens if my game has an issue?

If your game has a problem, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your game. We will replace the game with another copy. In this situation, you will be asked to send the game back to ensure the game itself is the issue, and not a console problem.

Can I return a game if I already have it? 

No, we do not take returns on games you "already have". Please ensure you do not have the game before purchasing. 

What is the condition of the games? Most of our games are used, so the case, manual, and labels may not be in perfect condition and may have wear. 

Are all of your games complete with case and manual? 

We strive to sell complete copies of games; However, some may come without a manual and/or missing additional insert(s) but all come with a case unless otherwise noted in the description. Loose cartridge games do not come with a case/box and/or manual(s).

Will the game I receive look just like the photo in the description? 

No. We are using stock photos for most of our game images.

How do you recommend I clean cartridge games?

We suggest cleaning the contacts of the game with a q-tip with 91% alcohol, damp one side of the q-tip with alcohol and dry with the other side.